Monday, March 24, 2014

Laya Project

What is this album about?

The Laya Project is dedicated to the survivors of the Tsunami of 26th December, 2004. It is a confluence of contemporary sound with originalrecordings of folk music traditions from the South East Asian coastal communities ravaged by the Tsunami.

Who is it by?
The album has 11 tracks featuring folk musicians and vocalists from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar and India. It is produced by Earth Sync, a Chennai-based record label that combines the classical, the folk and the contemporary, and boasts of some unique musical collaborations from different parts of the world.

Why should listen to it?
The album not only documents musical traditions but also maintains the essence of each regional musical tradition within the larger contextual framework of a world music album. The voices of the folk artistes are raw, untrained and soulful in tracks like Ya Allah, Touare and Nium Nium, while the instruments, especially the percussives dominate in tracks like the vibrant Tapatham and Prem Jam.

Available in formats such as CD, DVD as well as downloadable digital audio files.

An edited version of this article appeared in the August 2012 Issue of Culturama

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